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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Drive Mode
Available for All Elevators
Control Type
Available for All Elevators
Lift Mechanism
Available for All Elevators
Use of Occasions
Public Traffic
Guide Rail
Available for All Elevators
Airport, High Speed Rail Station, Train Station Wh
3-4 Weeks
by Sea, by Air(DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS and So on)
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Product Description

All in one elevator touch screen for elevator access system


Product Introduction

Face recognition plus QR code and IC card elevator access system (three-in-one DOP) is an intelligent identification elevator destination floor registration that integrates biological detection technology, dynamic QR code encryption technology and non-contact IC card control system Operation terminal.

The face recognition module applies the industry's leading high-speed face recognition algorithm technology, equipped with a wide dynamic high-definition camera, through 1:1 face database comparison, built-in live detection technology, effectively avoiding cheating by means of photos and videos.

Two-dimensional code recognition is a dynamic two-dimensional code encryption generation system developed by WeChat mini-program based on mobile social platforms. The user's mobile phone serves as a client. After registration in this system, a time-sensitive two-dimensional code can be generated, which can be recognized by the terminal two-dimensional code reader to realize the authentication process.

Using this touch screen panel can realize intelligent building personnel entry and exit management and elevator management based on one or more combined identity authentication methods with high security, high flexibility, grouping and classification. It is used in various public places, A powerful tool for strict management of entry and exit of personnel at all levels in application scenarios such as scenic spots, office buildings, ticketing, and construction sites.
All in One Elevator Touch ScreenAll in One Elevator Touch ScreenAll in One Elevator Touch ScreenAll in One Elevator Touch ScreenAll in One Elevator Touch ScreenAll in One Elevator Touch ScreenAll in One Elevator Touch Screen

Product parameter of TFT touch screen

Size (mm)

150(W) X 310(H) X 33 (D)

the onboard memory

8GB(support expansion board)

LCD Size

8 inch touch LCD


800(W)× 1280(H)

Display Active Area(mm)

108 × 172

Horizontal Viewing Angle


Vertical Viewing Angle




Contrast (CR)


Power Input

DC 12V


20 million pixels

QR code recognition accuracy

3 Mil

Reading distance

25~240 mm

Wired network

10/100M Self adjust

WIFI network (optional)


Control interface


operating system


Temperature and humidity environment (working)

-20~50 ºC 10%~90%RH (avoiding water drop)

Temperature and humidity environment (storage)

-20~55 ºC 10%~90%RH(avoiding water drop)


Product Function



1) Face recognition

In the terminal standby state or recognition state, when a face is detected within the detection range, the system is triggered, automatically captures and reads the facial features, and performs a 1:1 comparison with the built-in facial feature library. When the comparison is successful, a text/voice prompt will pop up to indicate that the recognition is successful, the floor within the user's identity authority is activated, and the selectable destination floor will be displayed.


2) QR code recognition

When the user displays the QR code in front of the QR code scanning device, the device will determine the validity and timeliness of the QR code after interpreting the QR code. After both are passed, the device will directly obtain the QR code. The floor information in the code, the floor within the authority is activated, and the selectable destination floor is displayed.


3) Record upload

After the user is successfully identified, the identification record is sent to the management background through the network. The data includes time stamps, captured face images, scan code records, and card swipe records. The background can implement corresponding query and management functions.


4) Auto start after boot

The system application is set to start automatically after booting, without manual intervention.


5) Process Keep Alive

When the application process is destroyed, the application will restart immediately; and the application cannot be uninstalled manually.


6) Terminal password setting and modification

When equipment management or data inquiries are required, authorized personnel are required to do so with a password. The password can be modified by the administrator.


7) Voice recognition settings

The administrator can set the playback voice for successful recognition, and this voice can be customized separately.


Applications: elevator car and elevator hall


Production Feature

1) Leading hardware and software specifications

High-performance main control chip and hardware: support 20000+ local face data capacity (expandable), built-in leading face recognition algorithm, fast face recognition speed, high recognition accuracy; 8-inch true color touch screen, 2 million wide dynamic HD camera.


2) Embedded Software System

Industrial-grade standard embedded software, stable and reliable operation; when connected in the network version, the identification/authentication data can be uploaded to the background, and real-time face images can be captured and uploaded to the background. The system can customize the interface and realize various personalized functions according to customer requirements.


3) Ability to work offline

The terminal stores the facial feature library locally, and when it is not connected to the network, it can perform face recognition/QR code recognition offline.


4) Remote Update

The product supports WIFI connection, supports online software upgrade, and is convenient for remote management and maintenance of the system


Production Time

4 weeks production time

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